We are committed
to creating joy-filled clients

We are trusted, hands-on partners who will work
by your side to achieve your business goals.

Gaudium180 (gow-diyum) brings the necessary insight to prepare companies for growth.
Local or global, organizations thrive with satisfied, collaborative relationships at their core. Gaudium180 brings structure and order to companies by aligning to strategic initiatives and achieving their vision.

You can’t achieve positive results without clear goals—and the right team to bring them to life. Gaudium180 can help with both.

We serve:

  • Boards, C-level executives, human resources and marketing executives
  • Public, private and not-for-profit organizations
  • Technology, B2B services and education sectors

A board desires to make a change in senior leadership. We are your partner to define the needs, align the board, and manage the search and on-boarding process.

A C-level executive needs to align an organization to a growth plan. We build out a plan to communicate and align the board, leadership team, organization and customers.

You need someone to lead and design the end-to-end integration program for an acquisition. We help your team focus and prioritize the key drivers of a successful acquisition.

A functional executive is charged with creating a more nimble and effective product, people, marketing or technology function. We work with you to evaluate current strategy, process and organization and then create a bridge to the future.

A start-up CEO needs to build out the business infrastructure in order to grow the business. We provide business experience and relationships to create the infrastructure.

We provide interim C-level assignments to cover open positions or fill a short-term need.

Our Approach

We spend time upfront understanding your vision and collaboratively developing our approach. Then we set clear goals and track against them. Whether there are acquisitions on the horizon or turnarounds in the making, aligning strategy to vision is key—and aligning your team is the only way to succeed.

Katy Theroux, Founder

Katy takes a prudent, results-oriented approach to her work. She has extensive global senior leadership experience simplifying complexity to drive positive change for the top and bottom line. Able to see—and stay focused on—the big picture, she excels at bringing together cross-functional teams to create and execute sustainable strategies.

Katy has been building great partner relationships and developing groundbreaking strategy for more than 20 years. Working with technology and service companies from mid-size to Fortune 50, she has contributed an integral general management perspective that helps create a seamless experience for both customers and employees.

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